Hi, I'm Lorinda Pardi (aka Lori).  I am wife, mom, and avid photographer originally from the Bay Area, now living in Clovis, Ca. 

My approach to photography is all about the exploration, adventure, travel, and discovery that can be found in the world around me (thus the compass rose in my logo).  It makes me happy to be able to showcase the wonders that surround us through my photography.

I attribute my passion for exploration to my mom who often put us kids into the car for road trips all around California.  I learned to love the road and particularly the amazing landscapes and history that surrounded me.  It is my goal that with my photography I capture my subjects in ways that honor them and make others want to discover them too.

My love of exploration often has me jumping into my car to take a drive with my camera in hand. For me, life is about the journey not just the destination. In that spirit, I often find myself "going down rabbit holes" to new places just to see what I can find.  I have been known to take a random side road because a sign indicated there might be something interesting to see. While I might not always capture the "perfect" shot, I fully enjoy myself. It is so much fun seeing new places as well as my favorite ones in a new way and capturing it so others can see it too! No matter how often I visit a place, it is always new.  Nature is never boring!

Tolkien said it perfectly, "not all who wander are lost" and I love to wander. If you have any suggestions on locations I should visit, I would be happy to hear them.  You can email me at lori@lorindapardiphotography.com or click on the Contact link above. Hopefully, I have captured some of the enjoyment, beauty and excitement I find through my lens and encourage you to go out and explore as well!

Enjoy the journey!

Lorinda Pardi



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